Marea Art Project

The Residences

Over the centuries, intellectuals and artists, from Boccaccio to Virginia Woolf, from Maurits Escher to Roberto Rossellini, have stayed in the villages of the Amalfi coast fascinated by the poetic and timeless beauty of the landscape. In these villages overlooking the Mediterranean, they have discovered a melting pot of traditions, knowledge, cultures, influences, and civilizations of extraordinary richness.

The goal of the Marea Art Project is to recreate a network of artistic residences on the Amalfi coast, converting the ancient and suggestive houses of the Amalfi Coast into laboratories of contemporary creation and experimentation.
You want to be part of the
Marea Art Project residences and convert
your space in an artistic
creation workshop? Write to:

Casa Federica


Casa Erato


Casa Eugenia


Casa Tuti


Casa L'Orto

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